Wednesday, July 28, 2010



what a difference 24 hours can make

yesterday we were hiking a glacier

today we are home...

ahhhhh...grateful hearts, have we!


Anonymous said...

WOW... that's all I can say is WOW. We should all be so fortunate to visit there before the glaciers melt and disappear for good.


Anonymous said...

Woooow, look at that! You guys look amazing, all pops of color and life against the whiteness.

patty said...

amazing... what an adventure! can't wait to read more, and umm, what's w the sweatshirt?? where's the NF hoodie?? aw-i hope you know, i'm teasin'!
fantastic shot! can i cheat and parouse flickr??? ... snicker, snicker... missed you!

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