Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jiggedy Jig


we're back from the Alaskan bush!

this photo was taken in the Chicago airport after we flew through the night and awaited our next flight home

our trip was another incredible adventure!

travel? not so much...delayed flights, cancelled flights, a near car accident

 but travel mercies and miracles graced us throughout our journey

the 5 of us travel well together...

we all realize the importance of saying "it is what it is" when travel stuff goes haywire...and we've learned that our backpacks make wonderful pillows on airport floors

and we just kept laughing

it's 1:30 am but my body is telling me it's morning...back to my wonderful bed to say some more thank you, God! prayers before dozing off again

home again, home again...jiggedy jig!

{grateful for your prayers, my friends}

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a different lense

remember i told you about losing it?

well, i did!  i met my goal!

i feel stronger...and prettier

and i like buying clothes again

i saw this ad on this blog (she was talking about another kind of good)

but at my age, i think losing weight isn't at all about dieting

it's about protecting my house...

feeling fit & S T R O N G

taking good care of the house i've been given
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