Sunday, June 17, 2012

summer lovin'


this has to be my new all-time favorite picture of me and my little chickadees

and something about black and white just speaks to me...

do you know what i mean?

but then i look at the living, popping color 

and love that, too

mostly i'm happy for cameras which capture life

hold it by it's squirming, moving-at-warp-speed tail

and before releasing

give you a souvenir of sorts

a remembrance


it's a beautiful sound


Thursday, June 7, 2012

of paint and dogs


well, hello there!

i've been away so long that uploading pictures stumped me for a moment

last day of school 'round these parts today and we've been studying, project-ing, and winding down

college girl is home and none of us can fathom her freshman year is over

spring baseball has ended and summer ball has begun

as for me, i've been doing the usual mom stuff plus painting furniture and doing some work through my decorating business {ROOST}

the secretary above used to be a blue-green color with a fruit basket painted on the front

i sure am loving annie sloan chalk paint...


and speaking of loving...although i am not necessarily a dog lover

i am beginning to fall for this little girly named missy

the neighbor i had been helping for the past few years passed away and we inherited many things including little miss

i tried to give her away (she was never house trained!) but the nurse who agreed to adopt her (with my neighbor's blessing) had a husband who returned missy less than 24 hours later...(yes, she was that bad)

well, lo and behold...missy is learning quickly, beginning to get along with our dog, and winning us over left and right 

{i'll do another post sometime about all the smart tricks she knows}


life is good....

health, family, friends, and sunshine

furry surprises that end up being little joybearers

and a clean (and newly painted!) kitchen table

doesn't get much better than this

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