Saturday, November 27, 2010

preparing home


we drove by here...


and here...


to do this


it's official...we're on the road to Christmas

Monday, November 22, 2010

a tale of vases, candles & santa


in between dentist visits {found out today i have to have a consult about braces!}, i found some time to putter around my house...truly one of my favorite ways to spend a day!

3 vases lined up in a row...i just swoon over the "crispness" of it


has anyone told you about flameless candles?  oh my!  i loooove them so much! i worry SO about leaving a burning candle lit...too much worry!
{although i still have to have a few real mixed in}

i get the ones with the real looking wick and the timer...they come on at 4:30 in our house and go off like magic at 9:30 (hey, we're early to bed folks)

(costco had one amazing set left, sam's has lots of sets but a crummy bulb wick)


and finally, a little peek of Christmas made its way into the dining room

love how my new gorgeous mirror picked up my petite tree's pretty reflection...i took the picture to show you the whole mirror, but love the reflection more!

after the dentist today, i met my sister for lunch (a perk of traveling across town to see my dentist so often)...we were walking through the mall and saw SANTA looking bored

before you could say "come dasher!" we were sitting on his lap saying cheese

i think our $5 picture on santa's lap may just be my dad's favorite gift this year

i'm beginning to feel the magic of the season...winter whites, candle glow, and santa, sissy and me

ThAnKfUll for it all...

{even my whopper-jawed mouth}

Sunday, November 21, 2010



I remember the first Thanksgiving we celebrated after my brother died. 

I am remembering this day, 28 years ago, because my close friend will be walking through her first Thanksgiving in 23 years without her wonderful husband who passed from this life a few weeks ago.

 It's gonna suck anyway you play it, I told her.  
The goal is to get through it.  And you will.
{She knew I meant it because I hate the word "suck"}

I shared the following blurb from our church bulletin with my friend.  
Thanksgiving is a choice for us and it was for the pilgrims, too.

In 1621, the pilgrims had uprooted themselves and sailed for America. The Mayflower was blown off course and they landed in Massachusetts in the middle of winter instead of Virginia, where people had settled 13 years earlier. There was not much food or shelter and in a couple of months half of them had died. When spring came, the Indians showed them how to plant corn, but their first crops were pitiful and supplies ran out. There was a lot to complain about. In fact, some proposed a Day of Mourning to honor all those who had perished. But the others said no, a Day of Thanksgiving would be more appropriate. After all, even though half had died, half had not. They were no strangers to gratitude. They knew they were God’s own and they gave thanks. b delcamp

Life can be hard

Nevertheless, so much is good

the breath we just took...sunrise everyday...laughter...colors...a roof over our to eat...a soft bed...children...clothes on our

I think thankfulness streaming from a broken heart deeply touches the heart of God

Not just on Thanksgiving Day

Every day

Friday, November 12, 2010

trying new things


i have had a blog post written, in my head, for a few weeks now...using this picture of our son who, on shaking legs, tried a new sport...

went out on a limb in unchartered territory, nervous he wouldn't be able to succeed...scored 2 goals

my blog post was going to be about learning something from my i need to take more risks and go into unchartered territory...i need to try new things!


but as i sit waiting to get a text to pick up one of our teenagers (when i want to be sleeping) i think about the new things i've been doing lately

not things i would think up on my own...but i've been growing in new ways...learning new things.  and i have been totally ignoring all the growing i've been doing lately...simply because it doesn't fit my idea of "personal growth"

i am in the process (reluctantly) of becoming power of attorney for a distant neighbor who finds herself dying in a nursing home and whose only visitor is me

oh, she has some family. but they want her stuff. they don't want her.

i tell her i love her when i leave. and i mean it. because i have learned a new love for this a classroom i never would have chosen on my own


today i stood behind one of my closest friends as they sprinkled her husband's casket with holy water

i have walked a journey with her for 6 long years. watching her trust and love God in real and honest ways has taught me much. i thought today about what i would have missed had i quietly walked away because sometimes things were just so overwhelmingly sad and messy.  

without exaggeration, i would have missed miracles

learning to let go of growing children...learning to truly love and appreciate my Dad's wife...learning to speak less and listen more...learning to accept people as they are...learning, learning, learning

sometimes i miss the amazing lessons God is trying to teach me...

because i am addicted to making myself happy and content with learning the things i want to learn

true happiness and contentment, true learning and growth...

come when i humble myself and whisper

i will follow where you lead me

and i will LOVE

Watch what God does, and then you do it..mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Ephesians 5:1

Behold, I am doing a new thing.  Do you not perceive it?
Isaiah 43:19

Sunday, November 7, 2010

sunday in the park


ok.  tell me

do we really need to spend $1000 on senior pictures...


when other than a few wispy hairs

we have these shots straight out of the camera?

{uh-huh.  i thought you'd agree}

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a tree grows...


carissa is talking about her thanksgiving "tree" today

so i thought i would share a thanksgiving tree i made for my husband last year

spunky carissa, that brown eyed fox, reminded me to dig out my branch 

it does the HeArT good to add our thanksgiving leaves each year

i sure am thankful for all my blog friends...

BIG leaves for each of you!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010



our senior...

got to dress up for her choir's fun cabaret dinner theatre on Halloween

an "80s workout person" thanks to the thrift store

she did it all on her own and she nailed it, didn't she?

lovin that sweatshirt, too

i'm linking up with my good pal, Patty

a visit to her blog is a real TREAT

Monday, November 1, 2010



ever have those seasons where you think

there's a lot of stuff you just need to get better at doing?

you know...i need to take better care of my teeth {root canal last week}

or i need to read my Bible more or i need to spend less or i need to exercise more...quit eating an organized grocery shopper 


{this pretty candlescape here to help me relax}

i am feeling a lot of i need to... lately

not the fluff stuff either...the important stuff!

health...saving money...spiritual growth

so that's where i am right now


but i just finished drinking a smoothie...

banana, oj, milk, strawberries...that's GOOD!

how are you doing these days?

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