Sunday, November 21, 2010



I remember the first Thanksgiving we celebrated after my brother died. 

I am remembering this day, 28 years ago, because my close friend will be walking through her first Thanksgiving in 23 years without her wonderful husband who passed from this life a few weeks ago.

 It's gonna suck anyway you play it, I told her.  
The goal is to get through it.  And you will.
{She knew I meant it because I hate the word "suck"}

I shared the following blurb from our church bulletin with my friend.  
Thanksgiving is a choice for us and it was for the pilgrims, too.

In 1621, the pilgrims had uprooted themselves and sailed for America. The Mayflower was blown off course and they landed in Massachusetts in the middle of winter instead of Virginia, where people had settled 13 years earlier. There was not much food or shelter and in a couple of months half of them had died. When spring came, the Indians showed them how to plant corn, but their first crops were pitiful and supplies ran out. There was a lot to complain about. In fact, some proposed a Day of Mourning to honor all those who had perished. But the others said no, a Day of Thanksgiving would be more appropriate. After all, even though half had died, half had not. They were no strangers to gratitude. They knew they were God’s own and they gave thanks. b delcamp

Life can be hard

Nevertheless, so much is good

the breath we just took...sunrise everyday...laughter...colors...a roof over our to eat...a soft bed...children...clothes on our

I think thankfulness streaming from a broken heart deeply touches the heart of God

Not just on Thanksgiving Day

Every day


Julie Harward said...

I know it does...He loves us do! You are a wonderful friend to help her carry her burden. Have a great Thanksgiving! ;D

patty said...

this needs to be published... like on tangable, touchable paper.. such an amazing post, beautiful shot. i love that you included "colors" in your list of gratitudes. i love the mix of today and history, and the juxtaposition of pain and gratitude. ... life.

i'm grateful for our bloggy friendship. still can't wait to meet ya.

happy thanksgiving~

Cate said...

Love this post, and love the whole concept of Thanksgiving.

TopNicher said...

Wow! great post, beautiful beautiful views!

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