Monday, November 1, 2010



ever have those seasons where you think

there's a lot of stuff you just need to get better at doing?

you know...i need to take better care of my teeth {root canal last week}

or i need to read my Bible more or i need to spend less or i need to exercise more...quit eating an organized grocery shopper 


{this pretty candlescape here to help me relax}

i am feeling a lot of i need to... lately

not the fluff stuff either...the important stuff!

health...saving money...spiritual growth

so that's where i am right now


but i just finished drinking a smoothie...

banana, oj, milk, strawberries...that's GOOD!

how are you doing these days?


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Oh, theres' always so much to catch up on and do.

Mr. Dunbar and I just decided that we are going to read the same chapter in the bible each day, so we have some accountabiity and something other than our kids to talk about.

And I most definitely need to stop stealing candy from the boys candy bags.

What is that coupon thing? Did you make it yourself?

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I'm right there with you -- on all of it. It's SO hard, though! This world. Our flesh. Matters of heavenly things. They all war with each other and clash and fight for first place. And I too easily step back and let them fight as I look on and passively let "them" duke it out.

Thanks for the heads up on keeping in mind who should be boss. And it ain't those other things! ;)


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