Tuesday, October 26, 2010

road trip


hotel room in a college town...so cool...it's a "green" place...don't know much about green hotels, but i know it was beautiful

the other queen bed is there to the left...amazing layout for a hotel room

girlie and i had fun!


the view from our "green" room...


another view...with sound! 


the college was founded by the Dutch

lots of buildings on campus begin with Van...love that!

fun to visit the campus

but even more fun to have a silly-fun-girl getaway


Anonymous said...

What a perfect trip. Love the simplicity of the lines in the room and the colors as well.


Mrs. C... said...

What an adventure. I love the picture of the trees. That looks like a picture of peace and tranquility to me. So glad you got some girlie time. I am still here friend, just a bit crazy :)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

College visits????? Ummm.... she IS staying at home and commuting, RIGHT???????????? ;)

Ugh... why? Why MUST they insist on growing up? This was NOT in the contract as I recall!! :)


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