Monday, October 4, 2010

scrape, scrape, peel...


so i've been taking down wallpaper


really.  for me? forever.  both my husband and i usually tackle jobs with a gusto...get-r-done mentality

but wallpaper...not so much

if i've said it once during the past few weeks, i've said it a thousand times


i tried paying my children to finish the scrape, scrape, peel

no takers...the huck finn strategy {"it's fun!"} didn't work


so as of 8:30 last night


dining room is finished and accessorized

today, the kitchen gets painted after sanding the spackle

i used to be a "let's fix her up!" kinda gal

but not so much anymore

wallpaper will do that to you


patty said...

love it-love the angles and the color! i'm debating going from my mustard seed yellow throughout my house to a warm white/tan/khaki/grey kinda scheme....and now we know why picking colors is so hard for me!

Mrs. C... said...

So.....I am guessing you don't want to come and scrape at my house???? Just kidding - no wallpaper here. :) I have heard, in case there is more wallpaper that there is a primer of paint you can use to paint over the paper. NO idea if this is true, and I realize a day late and a dollar short - sorry! :( Next time!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Can't wait to see the before and afters.
I would have just told my kids they wouldn't eat until the wallpaper was down. Perhaps you could try that next time. Ha. Just kidding.

Now go finish your project with gusto, I want to see pics.

Cathy said...

Ahhh, Mrs. C! I checked that out...but alas, there is no easy answer to get the results you want unless you scrape, scrape, peel. {my friend tried the primer and paint and whoa, bessie, you could see through to the wallpaper!} But for you? I would come help you scrape, scrape anytime :)

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