Wednesday, October 6, 2010

the afters (plus 1 before)


all but one wall {in desperate need of repair} have been painted



{actually i'm not all that calm or simple, but i love the look}


mrs. dunbar requested a before and after so i was forced to include at least one before shot


oh, how i love this print from Teresa Sheeley


we nabbed 4 of these wooden trim pieces from a house being demolished

{at least 10 years ago}

i LOVE them up there!


can i just take a bow now?

i pounded a hole in a cork and shoved it over the nail

brilliant.  if i do say so myself. {grin}


love these 1-4 plates on the soffit over my sink

{what a funny word soffit is!}


tucked this keep calm sign in an out of the way place...

so as i'm cooking i can glance up and be reminded to carry on

now i need to carry on in the dining room...


so many treasures...

{patty, do you see my little sign on the bench in the lower left corner?}

so little space to display them all!

25 teenagers coming over tonight so i better get off this computer and start putting away and cleaning up

happy wednesday everyone...hope it's a sunny day wherever you are



Claudia said...

Looks like everything is coming along nicely! Love all your wonderful decorating touches in the kitchen.


Mrs. Dunbar said...

Look FABULOUS! Thanks for the before, isn't it funny how our likes change? Now, when are you coming over to revamp my kitchen?

patty said...

yes, i see it!!
cathy, it's FABULOUS!
i love:
-the birds on the side of the cupboard
-your faucet (another funny word! fawww set!)
-the pops of red on the warm cream (ummm...same in my kitchen, but i alternate putting red pops out with pops of lime green)
-the kindness 365 sign
-the cork idea-BRILLIant!
love it all!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

it all looks GREAT!

i love the crisp feel it gives!
way to go cathy!

the cork! smarty pants! love that!

yes... for sure... take a bow!

Jan said...

How funny - we re redoing our living room, with red as the accent color, and my husband brought home the clown/pasta print from the thrift store! I love it.

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