Tuesday, November 2, 2010



our senior...

got to dress up for her choir's fun cabaret dinner theatre on Halloween

an "80s workout person" thanks to the thrift store

she did it all on her own and she nailed it, didn't she?

lovin that sweatshirt, too

i'm linking up with my good pal, Patty

a visit to her blog is a real TREAT


Snappy Di said...

I remember when I wore sweatshirts that had the neckline torn away.... AWESOME!


patty said...

ohmygosh...i'm afraid there was a day when i did dress like that... men's boxers and all! :)
yes, she did nail it!
boo to you, too, friend!

momentsofwhimsy said...

Gosh, I think I'm having flashbacks!

(She looks fab!)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh my.... I was one of those 80's workout girls... Yikes... Thanks for reminding me! ;)

SHe's too cute!!!


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