Sunday, June 17, 2012

summer lovin'


this has to be my new all-time favorite picture of me and my little chickadees

and something about black and white just speaks to me...

do you know what i mean?

but then i look at the living, popping color 

and love that, too

mostly i'm happy for cameras which capture life

hold it by it's squirming, moving-at-warp-speed tail

and before releasing

give you a souvenir of sorts

a remembrance


it's a beautiful sound



patty said...

oh i so agree!! xo

Mrs. C... said...

Hi friend!! Either way black and white or in color, your family is beautiful. AT 4 this morning, while trying to get back to sleep, you came to mind so I said a prayer. If my memory serves me, you are probably preparing or possibly even in your 2nd home place. Blessings friend.

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