Tuesday, July 5, 2011

a different lense

remember i told you about losing it?

well, i did!  i met my goal!

i feel stronger...and prettier

and i like buying clothes again

i saw this ad on this blog (she was talking about another kind of house...so good)

but at my age, i think losing weight isn't at all about dieting

it's about protecting my house...

feeling fit & S T R O N G

taking good care of the house i've been given


patty said...

i, OF COURSE, LOVE this cathy!! :))

Mrs. C... said...

WAY to GO!!!! Good for you! Now go for a celebratory workout!!! Wahoo!!!!!

patty said...

got your comment-all the way from! :))
have a fabulous time! do amazing things! xo

deb colarossi said...

thanks for posting this so Patty could share. I love it. Love love times a million, for lots of reasons !!!

and congrats on your goal.

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