Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ready to smile?

last night we closed our spring baseball chapter

our high school sophomore made us proud

his playing...his maturity...his level head...his perspective

he traveled to georgia with his teammates over spring break

and we heard they sang along to the radio a lot

i can picture them acting like these harvard boys

i'm so glad God made boys!


patty said...

so funny! thanks for posting cathy... makes me want to encourage j to go for it... right now, he wants to go down the road to UT and "board" on their wakeboarding team... all those years of baseball, and i have a collegiate boarder... *sigh


patty said...

i DID see this long ago when you first posted it... don't know why i didn't leave a comment?! it's hysterical and i can totally see my son in on that! :)

Manjunath said...

funny .. but good post

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