Monday, February 11, 2013



the other day i put on a nasal strip as a bandaid (by mistake) so i'm not really sure i should be in charge of a blog, but i'm back

{for this day, at least}

social media and i have been wrestling, that's for sure

i don't mind pinning to a virtual bulletin board - no harm, no foul 
instagram following feels creepy-stalkerish to me
facebook...well, there are so many rules set by my teenagers and rules shared by my college students that i log in there with shaking hands - petrified i might "like" something or someone via a pinky spasm
and while i love decorating with birds, i really don't live an exciting enough life to tweet

and you do know there's a whole new wave of depression hitting people, right? because we are comparing our "b roll" life to everyone else's highlight reel
who wants to invite that little cloud to the party?

and then there's breathless...

my little baby blog that i started when my "irl" (in real life) friends didn't know what blogs were

so here i sit thinking "if breathless is a house, here's what i want it to look like"

and since breathless is me {in virtual form}

i want to look like this house irl, too

firmly founded 

so i'm back for now

opening doors and windows...keeping house

because it's always more fun with company!

you bring sunshine through my windows wondering where i've been


{photos: google image; pinterest}

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