Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Time

She came over and sat on the lawn chair next to me at the pool. We have known each other since the day we walked our high school daughters into kindergarten. She has always reminded me a little bit of the woman at the well. And while I have tried to be an encouragement to her and her children these past years, I have not done enough. (The spirit has nudged me through the years about this woman and sometimes I've obeyed but, sadly, mostly I've ignored.)

So when she came over to me and began talking over the noise of the community swimming pool, I was glad to catch up with her and pleased she would want to share her life with me. She has finally finished her schooling. She is so proud that her eyes fill up as she tells me about completing her coursework. Growing up in the shadow of a "genius brother" she can't quite believe she's graduated. I delight in her accomplishment!

She shares her burdens of trying to raise a pre-teen son by herself. I provide her a recent example of her son taking the higher ground and being an example for my son. I suggest giving her my book written by a cool (male) Christian author about growing up without a dad (now I know why I have a copy of this book, Lord). She gladly accepts the offer. We chat about high school and work and children.

And then she tells me.

As she made one more weary trip to the well, she met a man who promised her abundant life and living water. And she realized this wasn't just any man. This was the man she has been looking for all her life. And she has accepted his offer.

She didn't grow up with religion, she tells me. Her children have never known their creator.

"But it's time" she announces. "It's time."

My heart swells with emotion as I type this morning. Through the din and the clatter of life, One voice continues whispering to each of us "I love you. Follow me. My yoke is easy and my burden is light" (Matthew 11:30)

There is a time for everything, King Solomon tells us. This time my weary friend said "yes", gathered up her 3 precious children and followed.

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Elise said...

Oh, how he longs to share the yoke with us! What a beautiful story- I'm so glad she shared with you!
The angels rejoice- and He does too! (((hugs)))

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