Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Walking

I am reading Oswald Chambers this morning*and am reminded again to replace fear and worry with Jesus. When Peter saw the wind he was afraid (Matthew 14:29-30). But when his focus was on Jesus, he simply walked on the water.

I like being prepared and organized. But I have taken myself too seriously and instead of walking on water, into the arms of Jesus, I have left my boat and am setting up camp on the shore. Jesus is surely walking closeby on the water, but I am too busy to notice His outstretched hand towards me.

My seaside dwelling is coming along nicely, thank you. I've got quite a beautiful library going for writing puppet scripts and Bible School curriculum. A conservatory for compiling song lists and playing the piano. A kitchen where I am preparing meal schedules and helping my husband coordinate grocery delivery via bush plane.

My seaside house is becoming comfortable and even cozy. I have even built a beautiful balcony overlooking the water. This balcony should be the place I come to pray, but this morning I see cobwebs on my deck chair.

Instead of preparing and handing over, I am beginning to horde and camp. And to be honest, I've almost completely forgotten that there is water a few feet away.

But I want to walk on the water. I have done it before -- holding my Savior's hand. He doesn't want us to "wing it" on this mission we're taking and so we prepare well. But I am sensing it is time to dismantle my little house on the beach, place my efforts in a boat and send them off into His care. And then I, being unencumbered and free, can join Him on the water.

I see Him smiling at me this morning...hand outstretched. "Come," says He.

I want to walk on the water. All that I've need of, His hand will provide. He's always been faithful to me.

Lord, help me to come. Help me to take your hand.

*thanks, Elise, for reminding me to get up this morning to meet with our good God

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