Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cleaning Up

Ahhh, finally getting into a routine around here. Things are back in their places after our trip north, the kids are back in school, I'm back to work, and I am able to putz around my wonderful home in between everything! Yesterday I was able to play with soap. Here's the BEFORE...

Soap shoved on a shelf after a trip to Sam's Club to replace the sliver we had been using.

And here's the AFTER following a trip to my favorite place on earth...Home spend $7.99 on this gorgeous chunky jar.

Who knew soap could be so beautiful?

PS--I love this song playing because I got to marry my best friend, too! And it makes me happy. (The song. And my husband.)

1 comment:

Sissy said...

I'm glad you're back! I'm hoping your $7.99 investment will inspire me to do some of my own redecorating. Imagine your small investment helping someone else! Love the jar! xoxo

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