Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gospel Rapper Comes to Fishing Village

Last year in Alaska Helga, an opera singer from England, made a special appearance during Bible School. Her opera was a bit loud and the children sat happily stunned as she sang a Bible song for them before heading back across the pond (eg a quick change in choir room).

This spring I found a "Hope Rap" in one of my resource books and Skittles, the Rapper was born. (Our daughter came up with the idea of naming her "Skittles" because she is the opposite of the rapper Eminem -- get it, M & M?)

Skittles raps about Hope. And she wears a big silver eagle necklace representing Isaiah 40:31. And two bodyguards (aka our sons) introduce and protect her. And they also throw Skittles candies into the audience.

Skittles was supposed to land in LA this summer, but her plane landed in a small fishing village in AK and there she stood -- holding her bling-bling cell phone -- in front of 100 children at a Bible school. She used words like "dog", "yo" and "Word". Skittles did sideways peace signs with her hands. She sang her Hope Rap. And when she was finished some of the older kids shouted "encore!"

I think Skittles was a hit.

And I think when we can make a fool of ourselves (in the best possible sense!) to show that following Jesus can be fun and exciting, it's contagious.

The rest of the week as I walked around the village I heard shouts of "Skittles!" or "Cathy!" followed by the sideways peace sign gesture.


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Liz said...

That's too fun. And brave. Very brave. :)

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