Monday, November 17, 2008


Yesterday I met a man named Stakwell Yurenimo from the Samburu tribe in Kenya. I wept when he shared how he came to know Christ. I was inspired by how God is using him. I felt a stirring in my soul as he spoke, and I sometimes felt like (and my family observed it, too) he was speaking just to me. The fragrance of Christ in the room...filling it!

I wonder if our meeting yesterday, seemingly a footnote in a normal day, was in reality a chapter title in the book of my life. The words of the chapter to be written sometime in the future, but the title now stands. Waiting.


The dryer upstairs is whirring. The kitchen mess, from last night's pots and pans and this morning's assembly of school lunches, wait for me. Right now, I have a family to raise, neighbors to care for, students to teach and love.

But someday, when the kitchen stays clean and the mountain of laundry is just a small hill, I wonder if husband and I will find ourselves sitting in Kenya...across the table from Stakwell and his family laughing and breaking bread together.

I don't know what God plans for my tomorrows. But yesterday I feel like God gave me a little wink as He watched the Spirit in me connect with the Spirit in Stakwell.

This is the great adventure of following Christ.

There's more to come: We continue to shout our praise. Romans 5:3

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