Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here She Comes!

2008 has pulled up her anchor and is slowly sailing out of our sights. I've emptied her cargo of memories to keep in my heart and will thank her tomorrow evening for being a good year.

While I was watching a Hallmark movie with our wisdom-teeth-less(as of this morning) daughter , my husband was beginning plans for Alaska...emailing this person, brainstorming, and dreaming. I've been thinking of Alaska 2009, too, as well as other things I want to do and accomplish in this brand new year.

I can't say that I love January, but I do love a brand new anything...including a new year. And as my squinting eyes are seeing 2008 disappear over the horizon, I see 2009 -- all bright and shiny -- sailing my way.

So with that said, here's a crack at some things I'd love to accomplish in 2009. Call them resolutions if you want,
but I think every new year deserves some new thinking.

In no random order, some things I'd like to do in 2009...

-read at least one book (start to finish!) each month
-stop what I'm doing and look at my children when they're talking to me
-nourish the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control) by daily soaking in the Word
-stop wasting food
-help our eccentric neighbor more
-shop less
-pray more
-designate a laundry day (so I'm not doing laundry all week)
-put away folded clothes (instead of moving them from our bed to floor to bed...)
-have coffee or lunch with an old friend once a month
-maintain a dreadmill routine again
-play the piano more
-eat healthier
-make my dentist appointment
-get up earlier
-serve a meal at a homeless shelter with my family
-help a friend in need anonymously
-entertain family or friends once a month
-ask God, regularly and sincerely, what He wants us to do in Alaska this year
-Listen to God
-be grateful more
-visit my Dad in Florida
-organize cds and dvds in new organizing system
-give away stuff I don't absolutely love
-visit family in Nebraska
-incorporate new things at work
-love Jesus more today than I did yesterday
-lay out boys' church clothes the night before (no surprises upon arrival!)
-remind my mother-in-law how much I love her son
-call my Dad once a week (on laundry day!)
-make an appointment for my mammogram
-take our daughter out -- just she and I -- once a month
-remember no matter how big my kids grow, they're still little

Resolutions. Some big. Some little. All do-able.

Hello 2009 -- it's so good to meet you!


Kim Layton said...

We would love to go to Alaska in our motorhome! It never seems to be the right time and it doesn't help that you have to travel during the summer or forget it!

I enjoyed reading your post!
Have a wonderful new year!

Sandy Toes said...

Great Great list!!!

Happy New Year to you...wishing you much happiness!
-sandy toes

Mrs. Dunbar said...

What a great list. I came upon your blog, through a comment you left on The Nesters blog, about theh door on the wall. My husband is currently at Home Depot buying brackets to put one up. Anyhow, I did enjoy your 2009 list, you seem like a woman with my same heart. Happy 2009 to you.

Life With a Little Spice said...

Thank you for you thought out and very worthy resolutions, they are an encouragement to me
God Bless you as you seek to honor him with your time

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