Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Face Time

My "Profile" Picture

Ok. So I've gone to the dark side.

I joined Facebook.

I know. It just doesn't seem ladylike...or age-appropriate...or right for a 40 something woman who enjoys decorating blogs. But I did it anyways because a college reunion of wonderful friends is brewing...and the "you've GOT to join Facebook!" peer pressure just got to me.

So now my email inbox is bursting with "new" friends, and then I head over to Facebook and my "wall" has been written on by people I haven't seen in years...some even decades!

It's been fun. It's been heartwarming. It's been exhausting.

Facebook is nice. But it's busy. I feel like it's a treadmill set on "sprint" and jumping right in has been a little jolting.

Wait...someone just asked to be my friend! I can't wait to see what old friend has come knocking on my door...er....wall.

Lucky thing I've got my 80s music on so they know they've got the right wall.


Mrs. C... said...

Good for you, I haven't gone there yet, and receive my share of grief for that decision. Beware of Facebook drama, and have fun with it!

God's Girl said...

Oh... I know what you mean! I, too, am 40 something and I have reconnected with lots of old, old friends.

Great picture of you, by the way...

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Mrs. C up there is a nut and she refuses to give in to our peers pressure. It's fun harrassing her anyway.
Good for you on joining, I hope you can rekindle some lost friendships.It can be exhausting.

Personally, I like blogging. Most of my FB friends are really people that were part of my life when my life was different. But I enjoy hearing about their lives now, and who knows, maybe God has something planned for these people that were part of my life ages ago.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Oh, and good picture.

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