Monday, February 23, 2009

Two of My Favorite Things...

... Friendship and Decorating!
When I get both? BLISS.
Angela called me to come over to give an opinion on her new cafe curtains. While visiting I commented I need a loveseat. Out to her garage we go and wa-la!
A Broyhill sofa in a beautiful pattern with gorgeous "bones". FREE.
So after picking it up on Saturday morning, my friend Nichole came over and we spent over 2 heavenly hours moving and fluffing and standing back and going "hmmmm". (The "Porch" coffee table book was the price of a magazine at Barnes and Noble -- and that's our fun porch out the back window.)

The coffee table came from a neighbor's trash -- perfect glass top and all! The round table in the corner (covered by curtain panels) came from another neighbor's trash!

Eventually I would like to add a small flatscreen tv to this cozy mudroom/sitting room.

But I don't think any neighbors throw those away.

Friends who "get us" and creating (and recreating) our homes = a perfect Saturday.

Post Script: a neighbor just called and told me to come pick up some Birch tree branches for decorating. She's having her tree cut down now. I love my neighbors!


Jamie DeMumbrum said...

Cathy, I love the room! And I agree...You do have great neighbors--with great taste! The style of the loveseat is timeless...Love the rest of your "inexpensive" touches, as well.
Happy Monday!

Mrs. C... said...

Wow!!! I want to move to your neighborhood!! The room looks lovely and very inviting for a Happy Hour or maybe just some tea with honey and a good book.

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