Monday, January 11, 2010


i'm lacing up my boots

the ones reserved for Alaska

blew off the tundra dust

tied a nice bow

a week of climbing

good, everyday mountains...exciting mountains, too

ok, sometimes nerve-wracking mountains!

a few climbs include helping friends ascend some scary ranges

(scary is always better when holding hands, you know)

inch by inch...

foot by foot...

by friday, i'll reach the summit

out of breath

but feeling alive

hoping all your mountains this week are easy climbs

with beauty all around


Mrs. Dunbar said...

best wishes to you this week on your climb. and it is always better holding hands.

Mrs. C... said...

Happy and SAFE trails my friend. YOur copy of Anne of Green Gables inspires me. I might just choose that next to get "school brain" turned off, before bed. It would be fun knowing you are reading it too!

patty said...

great post... are you really climbing? or is it figuratively?? be safe! happy climbing to you!

patty said...

great post, cathy! is it a real climb or figuratively? be safe~

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Thank you for the inspiration. Every good climber knows that preparatin is key and so it is with life......we must be prepared by being prayerful & vigilant daily. Many blessings to you my new friend.

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