Tuesday, February 22, 2011



winnefred just makes me happy (without even inviting her out of her bottle)

new snow fell last night


but our baby turns 12 today!

{BIG, magical birth-day-snowflakes tippy-toed down the day he was born}


i had to clean up the donut wrappers before taking this shot

and the new lacrosse stick tags

and the 24 classroom cupcake crumbs

birthdays are like a trip to the county fair...

...a ride on the ferris wheel while holding a lemon shake-up

every birthday is a big, fat GIFT!

a new trophy to carry around all day long

birthdays sure do add to the happy in life


Julie Harward said...

Happy Birthday to your 12 year old..a big one! Sounds like lots of fun! Come say hi :D

patty said...

a very happy to him! have we discussed this...? my baby turned 12 on the 16th! not surprised, right? love 2 u!

Tiffany said...

SO true! I LOVE this post!! Thanks for sharing.

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