Saturday, February 19, 2011

the road home


My neighbor has been feeling punk this week…I can’t really wrap my mind around knowing what it must feel like to know your death is imminent.  To have your kind painter ask you “what do I do if you don’t answer your phone one morning?”

To look at a full moon from your sick bed and wonder if it’s the last one you’ll see.  To pet your dearly loved dog, give her an extra treat because there are only so many more you can give her…


I’ve stopped saying “goodbye” when I leave because, when dying, it’s a “final word”, you know?  So I say goodnight, and see you later, or love you. I try to bring good energy into her home every time I step over the threshold. 

I mean, it is holy ground I’m entering. 

The living and the dying…so close together…coexisting for a time in one room.  I put her needs before my own.  I laugh a lot with her.  I open curtains and fix tea. I point to God when she tells me stories…look how he has taken care of you all these years! I clean and organize.  I water plants.


And I feel God watering me.  Spirit growth in this sacred place where He is ever-present and so close to one who will soon see Him face-to-face. 

I feel Him tugging my sleeve, gently turning my face to His and whispering...

live like this every day…with every one

Life and Death coexist in every room.

It   is   ALL   Holy   Ground.

While I truly appreciate all your kind comments about helping my neighbor, it is ALL God.
 Left to my own devices I remain obsessed with serving myself.
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