Wednesday, April 27, 2011


been busy with this growing up girlie...

{does this camera rock or what?}

really does seem like last week she was crying her eyes out in preschool...

daddy had to sit with her for 3 weeks (a first for the school) until she could manage the 2.5 hours without sobs

{looking back, she IS young for her class...what were we thinking?!}


i made the invitations and sent them out


of course, at last count "78 facebook friends are coming, mom"

but we're having italian...which can stretch if need be

the more the merrier

to celebrate that cap and gown day

after all, life's big moments are meant to be shared


patty said...

first, i have to grab the tissues, and then the red wine! i might be a little late, but i'll be there!! (in spirit, at least!)
and yes, gorgeous photo! love the crop, too!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

what an exciting time!!!

great photo, aren't you glad you made the investment?

oh, what fun this spring and summer will be and then a brand new start on a wonderful adventure called college. loved those days, all of them.

savor every moment. but i'm sure you already know that.

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