Tuesday, April 12, 2011

would you take 50?


our son looked at me standing in the lady's driveway and said

"you have to have it, huh?"

do you know the brown eyed fox?

oh, you just M U S T grab your pocketbook and head right over if you haven't met!

carissa started a tuesday post series titled

since i LOVE carissa's taste in all things decor (and the angles she shoots her treasures), i am loving tuesdays at the fox den

i asked carissa if i could join her and she said "sure-shootin'! go for it! that would be fun!
{ok, she didn't really say sure-shootin'}

so here is my "had to have it...tuesday"

my antique settee i snagged at a garage sale for 50 bucks

our 15 year old man-child likes to lay on it with the iPad and rest his head on the wooden arm...

our dog knocks it over if he stands up on two legs to look out the window...

i could have saved for a big comfy couch

but i love my little settee...i just had to have it


Claudia said...

And I totally understand why!


patty said...

i recognize your settee like the kitchen table of an old friend... something that makes me think of you, that reminds me of visits past...

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Its the simple things in life isnt it? Who knew your treasure would be taken over by the "man-child". Im wondering how he fits on it?!

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