Friday, June 3, 2011

busy as a...


all's good

but my little wings sure are getting a workout

{did you know a honeybee flaps her little wings 230 times a second?!}


bees are pretty, from a distance

but i'm sure loving my own little bee of sorts right next to my settee!

her little price tag stung me with surprise...$29 for the whole lamp!

{i like bees alright, but i like tj maxx a whole lot better}

happy weekend...may your flying about bring you alongside people who remind you of big, beautiful flowers!


Mrs. Dunbar said...

230 times a second? Wow, I am definitely a little bee. Ha. These 3 little ones are wearing me out, please tell me it gets easier.

LOVE the lamp and the price tag makes it even better. I always love your little snippets of home decor.

hugs to you my friend.

Claudia said...

What a great find! I can't believe the price. Love the lampshade.


patty said...

suuuuuweet! :)
lexi and i just hit TJMaxx yesterday and today in hunt of the elusive "romper"... hm. fashion.

hilary @ the upcycle furniture co. said...

awesome find!

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