Monday, June 6, 2011

finish line


she crossed it yesterday

what a pleasure it is to be her mom!

and what joy to sit in that sunny stadium next to my husband and our sons

and near the two buddies i met the first day i walked her into that kindergarten room


that's the only time i choked up, really...

when the three of us moms posed for a picture.

because through those encircled arms about waists

i felt all that history joining our spirits together

how amazing that all those years ago

God knew to place our daughters and son in Miss Byrne's afternoon kindergarten classroom

He knew we'd love each other from the start...unique as we each are

and that of all the friends we'd meet and enjoy through these school years

it would be the three of us still holding hands 

as we crossed this first big finish line together

*a testament to how much i love these girls...what a disappointing picture of me!


Lysa said...

beautiful! What a true blessing you have been given!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I love this post, Cathy! How wonderful for you that you have that special gift of close friends like that! Loved the picture of Madison waving! And the pic of YOU is most certainly NOT disappointing!! Cute!!!

Congratulations to all of you!! :)


patty said...

(first, you are beautiful!) but also
this post made my chest fill up and feel about to burst.

what a wonderful life.


Tiffany said...

So sweet! And you must be SO proud of your daughter, the graduate! Congratulations to her....and you for doing a great job as a parent, I'm sure.

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