Sunday, January 1, 2012

book #47

photo: flikr via pinterest

feels like i just opened a brand new box of fresh colored pencils...

ready to create whatever my heart desires

a new year is kinda like that

the mental sketching of the want-tos and the dreams and the letting-gos of whatever fractures our pencils

i sit...fresh pencil on paper, ready to make those first letters

but it comes...a whisper

you are the pencil. i hold you in my hand. together we write.

relief. excitment. comfort wash over me.

c h a p t e r  1,  2 0 1 2


patty said... omgosh!! i love it everything about it!

happy new year, sweet cathy! withing you joy and love and lotsa colored pencils to create with! ;)


patty said...

PS: love the book #. 47 is going to be fantastic!!


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