Saturday, December 24, 2011

love came down

me christmas

i always thought this photo was taken on christmas morning (circa 1970)

when i just looked at the back, however, i read in my mom's handwriting 
(i love reading my mom's handwriting now that she's gone)...

"cathy loving me for some reason"

{gosh, i do love my mom!}

so it seems i wasn't loving on my mom because i had gotten a toy or trinket i wanted

i was loving on her just because i adored her

GOD adores us...
Jesus came

merry christmas 



noreen said...

cathy, that is so sweet. it's a beautiful picture, and we loved her, too. joy and happy resting!

patty said...

Merry christmas, my sweetest friend. What a treasure that photo & here written word are! xo

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