Wednesday, December 7, 2011

let it faux


i may be getting carried away...

loving the faux right now...

{ha! didn't notice 'til this moment that i'm standing on the leopard rug i acquired a few years ago} 

guess my faux fur love has been a few years in the making 


i ordered two of these throws

oh my!

they don't even compare to ones you find in stores

used this one as a tablecloth for an alaska information table we had at church on sunday

everyone touched it...some didn't even realize they were handling it! 

{one woman thought it was real}

been rainy here so no pictures of my leopard slippers or my leopard socks...or my leopard eternity scarf (guess i'm partial to leopard)

furs add that little pop of wow!

provide that big puff of warmth

and communicate a little bit of spunk and surprise!


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

can you see my smile?
you're so funny!
and yes... i agree...
fur adds a perfect amount wow & sass!
and you my spunky friend...
roarrrr! :O)

that coat is all too awesome!
great piece!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

man, i've missed the posts with you in it!!

lovin all the faux fur. the first thing i thought after i saw you was, "did she coordinate that rug to her outfit?" ha.

i do miss our internet friendship. you look rockin'!

happy holidays!!!

Mrs. C... said...

Grrrrr!!! I saw the picture before I read a single word. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the coat!! Yawoza, I might need one of those. And the boots - I bet you had a happy hubby when he came home! You one HOT Mama!! Need to confess, I have been wearing my leopard print slippers quite a lot lately!! ;) Grrrrrrr!

patty said...

love it... AND your leopard rug! ... and i just picked myself up a faux fur cream white throw for our newly painted living room... love it. pier one. 20% off. love it more. ;)

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