Sunday, December 11, 2011

christmas past


it's funny when i look at photos of our home

i realize i move things around a lot

and i move things on (to new homes with friends) a lot

it's how i've always been

just like my mom before me

party table, 2010

last friday i helped a friend by sprucing up her home (made a sitting area in her kitchen!) and decorated her home for Christmas (everything but the tree)

she is busy with work...aging parents...nearly grown kids

i was in absolute sweet spot...i L O V E interior decorating

she arrived home from work and wa-la!

wish i could have been there to see her face...she sure was excited on the phone


as for Christmas...the decorating is okay

we have a smaller home so it all comes down quickly after the big day

this year the kids scattered after cutting down the tree

so my husband and i decorated our evergreen very simply with white and cream ornaments

i crave fresh...streamlined...clutter-free

like the simple beauty of these paperwhite flowers my friend Julie gives me every year

i love stuff

and i love simple

trying to find the balance

and the beauty


Mrs. Dunbar said...

i love stuff, but oh, how i love the simple as well. feeling very overwhelmed with all of the christmas clutter in our house right now. yikes. the kids love it though.

post pics of your holiday!!!

ps. what are those snowflake looking cookies from your dessert table last year?

patty said...

i am seeking my inner cathy, my soul twin! the organized, streamline, passer on of stuff twin. the other twin, the disheveled, disorganized, hoarder of stuff one, ... i'm getting tired of her. :)
please text me... i lost my contacts when my phone broke... thanks, girlie!
happy making other people happy, as you do!

not2complain said...

Everything looks delicious...thanks for sharing! Nice blog!

Alvera Photography said...

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