Thursday, December 1, 2011



december is the time for H O M E

i do believe i'll try to capture those 4 lovely little letters in photos this month

yes, there are parties and junior high basketball games and over-the-river-and-through-the-woods traveling in december

but home has always been where my heart is

and because i'm sentimental

{i have another dormant blog all about home}

i'll give you back stories and sources, too

{because i know some of you are home-bodies, too!}

angel: homegoods a few years ago
the letter "B": country living fair, summer 2010
*barn door: antique store, indiana

*my husband lovingly picked the door up for me and had to move it to the trunk half way home. animals must have rubbed against it and he ticked off the miles by sneezing.  i love that door because it's got great color and rustic charm, but i cherish that door because it represents L O V E.  my husband sees no beauty whatsoever in it and he still bought it, hauled it, and sneezed many miles
...just for me.


patty said...

it's all beautiful, cathy. i am here in my chaos and what do i decide to do? paint the house. so now i'm having color freak-out syndrome... one more, but the major room to go... ayyiyi...
looking forward to your photos, and ps: another blog?? do tell!!

Noreen Sullivan said...

steve is pretty special! your angel is beautiful.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that angel!

HOME is so special... no doubt.
all i know... our hearts will be beaming with grateful come next summer. we'll be beside ourselves!

i look forward to seeing peeks of your Christmas home...
you have the true knack for making a space beautiful.

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