Wednesday, July 4, 2012

western union


so americana

the union last fall of lauren bush (granddaughter & niece of presidents bush)

and david lauren (son of ralph lauren) 


i know i'm late to the ball

not sure how i missed such a beautiful event

these photos just sing "america" though

and like many americans who help others...lauren is also the mind behind feed

{a line i've loved since seeing it at PB long ago-you can buy this at nordstrom right now}

and even though this post is about a union...

it is independence day here in the land of spacious skies

and amber waves of grain

happy independence day, america!


*all photos google image


Mrs. C... said...

Happy 4th friend. I hadn't seen those photos either, so thanks a bunch for sharing!

patty said...

the most beautiful images. love & freedom to you. :)

patty said...

i swear i commented on this post?! it's beautiful!!

stopped by to say, i'm waiting... waiting... baited breath and all that!

hope it was wonerful.. can't wait to hear about/see the story!


Paul said...

A beautiful posting.
I think I am missing out by not reading a wider variety of periodicals.

' americana' is so spot on.

arslan mirza said...

Nice Work

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