Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Past to Present

Wedding Vignette

Bottom suitcase used to safely house family pictures when I was a child. I fondly remember the click-clack when I opened it, and the scent of the lining.

This is an actual letter written by my Grandmother McCarthy about being stranded on a lookout platform. She was a gifted writer.

The photo is not of my grandparents. My grandfather died when my mom was only 6, and in her sadness (for their's was a great love story), my grandmother burned all but one or two pictures of my grandfather.

Wedding Day: May 18, 1925

My Grandfather Albert's wedding tie and Grandmother (Marmee's) garlands. In the far back is a piece of faded blue lace with a bright blue piece of fabric pinned to the back.
"Something borrowed, something blue." Her wedding flowers (over 80 years old now) were tucked carefully into tissue paper and stored under the tie and garlands.

I think it's so interesting how "acorns don't fall far from the tree". As I read my grandmother's writing, it reminded me of something I would hope to pen. She loved antiques (me too), reading (me too), and going on adventures (me too). She was brave (a widow raising 3 children during the Depression) and strong.

Sometimes when people visit our home and look at her photo, they think it's a picture of me.

I thoroughly enjoyed decorating under my library table this morning with lovely mementos from bygone days. I actually felt like I was treading a little bit on sacred ground...bringing the past to the present.

I left my lovely vignette to accompany my men to the golf course where I mostly drove the cart, but played a few holes, too. After my first practice swing, my husband said "look boys, Mom's swing looks just like Papaw's."

Threads woven from generation to generation.

In our personalities, our likes, our skills, our looks...

and sometimes even in a golf swing.

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bfahs99 said...

The display of your family's history is absolutely beautiful...right down to the tie of your grandfather. You have such a gift in how you weave everything together.

Your Alley Admirer

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