Monday, September 29, 2008

Yes, She Did Notice!

Heavens to Betsy, today has been exciting! I don't care who you're rootin' for (I'm not totally decided myself), a political rally is incredibly inspiring and reminds one how great it is to be an American. 4/5 of us got to shake Senator McCain's hand. I got to look Cindy McCain in the eye and say "thank you". She answered me back "thank you"and we shook hands. (Being the wife of the man running for president would be tough).

Governor Palin DID notice the boys' Alaska shirts, did a double-take and had a sweet little conversation with them before signing 2 things for us. (Our youngest told me later that he had a brief panic attack, as she walked closer to him, and said to his older brother "shouldn't I call her Mrs. Palin?!")

My amazing husband got the whole interaction between the boys and Sarah (that's what we decided to call her) on video!

We had amazing conversations with the kids about politics in general -- classy politics vs people getting mean and nasty, and what the candidates on both sides of the aisle are promising.

My hope is that our children can be light and salt as they and their peers discuss the presidential race.

And ultimately I pray that they always remember that no man or woman has the answer.

The answer lies in Jesus Christ alone. But today sure was fun.

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Sandy Toes said...

Thank you for your post today. I appreciate what you said about salt and light to your kids peers. Something happened at school today...just kids going back and forth on politics and I kinda of told my kids to "tone" it down. But, they were standing up for what they believe in or have heard! Anyhow..I needed your the song, too!
-Sandy toes
p.s. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about my surgery!

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