Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ordinary Day

The sun is shining. My handy husband is installing wainscoting in the dining room for me. I've been the kids' taxi this morning in between laundry and puttering.

Ordinary Days*. I love them.

PS--the Frenchie sign in our living room? A steal from Home Goods yesterday.
(Used up my mad money but it was worth it!!! O0h-la-la.)
*Lola B's has the most happy music, which is where I first heard "Ordinary Day"


LillySue said...

I'm So glad someone else loves "ordinary" days too! I just like it when my kids are home and we don't have a full schedule and we can just "BE". We are all puttering around this morning. Arwen asked if she could put in a movie and I said, "No...find something to DO". So she is working on an altered hand-me-down prom dress that she is making funky to wear to the Faery Festival this year. Frodo likes to set up a little folding table and tie flys for fishing. I love my family all home and puttering!! By the way...Arwen wants your sign. She has been taking French in school and loves everything French right now. It sure was a great find!
Blessings- LillySue

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Love those ordinary days. I'm in the middle of The Shack... not what I had imagined but I'm still forming my thoughts.

What happened to your cool book blinky thing?

Also love Homegoods. Another store I could go broke in. Your sign looks good. Happy Saturday.

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