Saturday, July 18, 2009

Beach Bear

Not every day you see a dead bear on a beach. Went back again yesterday to the Bering Sea to take some pictures of the beached bear. wow. He's big.
Yesterday, FiFi the French Jazz Christian Singer, along with her trumpet players Jean Claude and Jean Sebastian made an appearance at church after her plane landed here instead of at Versailles. Somehow I always step out just when our special visitors come to Bible School.
Last full day of programming today.
The sand is running out of our Alaska hourglass...


Paul said...

Working by the Bering Sea!!
And a dead bruin!!!
And we hope a successful season in The Land Far Away!
Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. C... said...

Where are the pictures???? I wanna see the bear! Anyway, it is so refreshing to see God working away with your team while you are gone. I can't wait to see more pictures and hear (okay, read) the stories. By the way, Animal Planet is doing a special on Russia, but this week is the Grizzly ~ tivo it!

patty said...

cathy-a little confused... are you headed home for a vacation, and then back to alaska, or is your time in alaska done? waiting to hear. safety to you on your trip(s)! enjoy seeing your friends!

LillySue said...

Now that would be the last thing I would expect to find on the beach!!

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