Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick Shout Out

Bet you didn't expect to see me this week but I wanted to thank you for your prayers and let you know things are going well here in Alaska.
We had a team meeting tonight (it's now 10 pm) about the day and just sat here cracking each other up. We are blessed with a great team again this year. I truly believe laughter is one of God's most wonderful gifts, and this team knows how to laugh!
Don't know if I'll post again while here, but I'll have lots of stories to share upon return.
Hope you are all well in your corners of the world.


Karen said...

Glad to hear all is going well. You remain in my prayers.

Paul said...

We look forward to '...lots of stories to share uupon return.'
And again, are so glad that '...things are going well here in Alaska.'
That is one of those great phrases: ' in Alaska.'

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