Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Bear Went Over the Mountain he is. The bear that mysteriously appeared on the Bering Sea beach. No one was quite sure how he got there, but the most popular explanation was that someone shot him by the old airport (a location too close to the village so bears must be shot), and somehow he got pulled into the river and ended up here.

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Ok, your curiousity got the best of you, huh?

Here he is up close. As you can see, nature is doing its best to see that Mr. Bear decomposes. His fur is peeling away and you can see other signs of the "dust to dust" process. 2 days before, his legs were up in the air much higher and his bottom jaw was in better shape.

I will spare you the close-ups of all the maggots doing their job. Truly, there were so many you could hear them "buzzing" (the sheer volume of maggots working made the noise).

The bear was the talk of the village, and we were grateful we had friends willing to take us out on their 4-wheelers to see him. That's my good friend and our son in the first picture (and another teen from our team).

We are home, safe and sound, after an amazing week in the village.

Thankful God includes us in His work, and especially thankful the bear He allowed us to see up close wasn't breathing.


Mrs. C... said...

Okay, I showed Mr. C. too, and he was impressed. Of course he also noticed how cold everyone in the picture looks. :) I may have missed my calling as stuff like this fascinates me.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

So glad you are home!!! Can't wait to see and read of more of your adventures. Seriously, a decomposing bear??? Did you touch it? Ha. Just kidding. Post details of your trip soon. K?

I'm still at grandma's...

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