Monday, March 28, 2011


time, that is

it's flying

i did the big haul this morning at all my usual haunts (save Target)...while i was waiting for Penny to slice my turkey breast (low sodium Sara Lee, chipped) i pulled out my grocery list and smiled BIG when i noticed our son had added a request at the end...he even drew me a picture  


i tossed this beauty into the cart at walmart (of all places)...i've eyed them for years at summer parties but couldn't justify the expense.  but for 6 bucks, i splurged...hurry up summer! (it is in the 40s here this week)

i have let my blog slip...hopefully i won't let it slip-slide away


March brought lots of stuff with her...another summons for jury duty (argh! i loved doing my civic duty 5 years proud, i was! but then i got summoned again 2 years later and again this past month.  random-schmandom, i say)  luckily, each saturday morning, bright and early, a recorded lady told me i was not needed that week.  i love that recorded lady.


the kids had spring husband is on routine, my computer's all out the window (but that's okay)

still helping my neighbor...other friends are struggling (so much pain just in my little circle)...started a new Bible study i love...trying to keep the house clean...teaching my class...expecting an overnight guest next week...needing to exercise (my husband blinked and lost 20 pounds...i wish his willpower would rub off on me)...need to call lots of far away friends (i really procrastinate making phone calls)...set our graduation party date and need to begin plans...trying to make LENT meaningful...beginning ALASKA plans and meetings

i finally told our son to quit asking me what time his practice is every day and to check my calendar...i'm getting a stomach ache with all the sports practices and games this spring (and those coaches change the schedule mid-stream all the time!)

so when i need a breather from my good, busy life (i really am so grateful for the time He's given me...the people...the activities) i've been cranking j lo.  you'll see...she does a heart good--gets the body moving, motivates a person to clean...and exercise (ye gads, she looks great) that's my catch up post

time to go pop some tater tots in the oven, throw a salad together...cut up that good rotisserie chicken i picked up today (gourmet meal, i tell ya)

how in the world are YOU?


Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I never pegged you as a J.Lo fan! Hope you are having a great day!

patty said...

isn't she stunning?!

i know those weeks... months... stirred up a little more with the anticipation of children flying away...


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i just did lunges to that JL song yesterday... i did!
i do not care for lunges... generally... some days... they are good... others... they are like torture... yesterday... torture.
great song! i really like her. and gorgeousssssss!

you hang in there... i know you will... you always do... with a big 'ol smile on your face too.

i sure loved this post... all your sharing...
hearing about your days.

yes... come on spring... REALLY show your face. :O)
woke up to fresh dusting of snow here.
if i really think about it though... i am not even prepared to wear sandals... my toes are a big mess!


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