Wednesday, March 30, 2011

photo: the beautiful life

So often time it happens, we all live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key.  ~the eagles

seems to me the key is eucharisteo...grace, thanksgiving, joy
{thank you, Anne Voskamp}

my friend, Ruth, gets it too
{isn't she beautiful?}


it's worth the virtual trip to go visit and read about how her change in attitude brought gratitude and joy...go ahead just click'll thank me, i promise

It's our lives that are little and we have falsely inflated self, 
and in thanks we decrease and the world returns right.  
I say thanks and I swell with Him, 
and I swell the world 
and He stirs me, joy all afoot.  
ann voskamp


patty said...

beautiful, cathy.
"inflated sense of self"- that's what i'm struggling with...
a lift needed! xoxo

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I adore Ruth. Thank you for sharing about her!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

my goodness... that photo... is it ruth's capture?
it speaks!
i love it and it's emotion.

thought of you the other day... while reading the book... and "coming up for breath".
i remembered you saying that... you are so right.
it is much to take in.
and... i must admit... i just bought it to in the audio version. yet another sense by which to absorb her words.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Cathy,

Just "coming up for breath" myself here this early Thursday morning and trying to catch up on blog browsing when I saw this post. Hon, I have those days pretty much every day, don't we all? Where you just stop and realized there isn't much you're gonna do to change the annoyance in front of you so you look up (literally) and just say "Lord, I guess we'll just roll with things a different way than I planned. Cool." ;)

So when this silly re-do is done, ya gonna see me?? :)



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