Friday, March 4, 2011



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been cleaning and painting the house

i actually hired harold and the purple crayon to do the painting

{what a luxury...i'm usually the painter...his name is not really harold and the purple crayon, but i think it should be since he's a painter and his name is harold...even though i always call him howard by mistake}

benjamin moore "white cloud"'s F R E S H & C L E A N

and so B R I G H T that i told our son to shut the front door...i thought the bright light was the sun shining in

spring is right around the corner...and it feels so good to do some 

SPRING!  fixing's doing my soul good

the bread truck picture, you ask? 

i just love it...i could eat french or italian bread every day...all day...i once ate a dozen hard rolls in about 30 minutes...i was 12 but i could {easily} still do it some more cleaning to do...playing "Stacey Kent" radio on good candles cup of coffee in hand

have a fresh and bright weekend

may you eat all the hot, crusty bread your heart desires

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patty said...

please? right now? go read my blog post! cathy, my soul sister, i am cleaning and coffee-ing and candle-ing and music-ing, too, and dreaming of that creamy no quite white but not any other color color, too! (i didn't post about the color... just sayin') can't wait to see it.
and thank-you, friend, for trying to find me this week. ack... crazy life, isn't it?

Hidayah said...

"have a fresh and bright weekend" Thanks friend~

Have a nice day!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

sneaking in a comment about you and your sharing God's love with us, and your sweet neighbor. I have so loved reading some of your posts {when I should be working, your words just won't let me leave} and wanted to say, sweetie, YOU rock! xo Lidy

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

want to see!

God sure has a gem in cathy!
(me thinking out loud)

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