Monday, October 10, 2011

the maine thing


what a wonderful, beautiful, place maine is!

we spent a long weekend in kennebunk, maine for a cousin's wedding


in between the wedding festivities we took in all the sights

here are my men in kennebunkport


and here we are!

behind us is walker point...does that ring a bell?

President and Mrs. Bush (senior) have a home here

and what a home it is (this picture is just a segment of their home)


really interesting to see it...and to see the Texas flag flying...knowing they are there this weekend!

their impact, through centuries, on kennebunkport is astounding...lots of plaques with the name "walker" or "bush" on them... see years of caretaking of a place by generations of one family

on sunday morning, i ditched the weak coffee of our hotel and walked across the street to the grocery store...

a quaint new england mom and pop place...breakfast counter...groceries...lots of pictures of bush family members with the owner on the wall

and lo and behold, there stands barbara bush herself

google image

everyone acted as if she were just a regular customer

and i didn't want to go ga-ga all over but i did want to say something to her

so i said...are you ready?

"are you in line?"

and there you have it.  my interaction with barbara bush :)

we all have such wonderful memories from our weekend jaunt to maine

a beautiful place, indeed


Cathie said...

Hysterical! Was she? Maine has always intrigued me... perhaps one day!

patty said...

lol... you always make me at least smile, if not truly lol.
1. your photos are fabulous! all of them!
2. i know that necklace!
3. your hair got long! love it~
4. hope you had a great time...

emily wierenga said...

what lovely photos! it sounds like you had a wonderful time... so good to 'meet' you friend!

Noreen Sullivan said...

Hi Cathy, I was just in Kennebunk and saw the Bush's house - Nov. 5th weekend. It is beautiful!

I love your blog. Now I can keep up with you!

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