Tuesday, October 25, 2011



do you pin?

i spent some time today lolly-gagging around pinterest and my thumb is sore from all that pinning! 
(it's a virtual pinboard, after all)

i was  hooked on phonics today...my, how i love language and the power it has!


there's laugh-out-loud funny...


there's wisdom...


there are good reminders...
there's encouragement

i'm still not sure how the invitation and all that works out...

i just signed up (a while ago) and pretty soon i got an email saying "congratulations! the grand poo-bahs have invited you to pin!"

{or something to that effect}

so i put on my pearls and pumps to celebrate my good fortune

and have been pinning ever since

turns out my college roommate and i were apparently separated at birth because i "repinned" loads of her stuff today...

then tonight, she repinned a fashion photo i had pinned

it's a big pinning party!

{without the lavaliers}

this here internet sure is a hoot sometimes


Mrs. Dunbar said...

hallo to you! i love to pin great stuff, and of course you would come through with great words.

you are always such an inspiration.

Claudia said...

Pinterest is awfully fun! You'll have a great time there. Love the photo and the message about the "alarmed" door.


patty said...

it's kinda like quilting... i'm afraid.
so afraid i'll love it.

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