Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Questions in Life

photo: $5 framed print

I am busy rearranging my whole house today after last night's sneak-peek garage sale at my neighbor's (including a Pottery Barn coffee table, World Market French country desk, bell jars from Arhaus!, etc. etc. etc).

Q: How is it that I'm able to single-handedly carry very heavy furniture and various and sundry other nesting items all by myself (I got that upstairs all by myself!), but when my husband asks me to help carry drywall or some other boring thing, I claim it's too heavy?
(Little ole me, carry that?)

Off to find my easy-moves.


1 comment:

Sissy said...

I'd say you came by your selective, Herculean strength honestly as mom was able to move entire rooms of furniture between floors when the mood struck! You go girl!

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