Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Green Grass Grew All Around

You cannot imagine my excitement when, waiting for the Thrift Store cashier to ring me up, I notice this lovely beauty sitting on the floor behind the register. I had seen one at the Pottery Barn outlet (be still my beating heart) and it was close to $50. Simiar ones at Home Goods were about the same. This one? $8.99.

I am so thrilled to have found my bargain grass that my heart is racing as she rings me up. I feel a woman standing next to me and turn to look. She is touching my grass! Over and over, she is moving her hands through my grass! I am a bit of a germ freak, so her hand dance in my grass is freaking me out. But I am at the Thrift Store so I try to put things into perspective. For all I know, the help could have laid on my grass and stared at the ceiling lights before I walked in. I won't even begin to think about the possibilities of the previous "grass owner" having a dog...

I love to shop at stores like Nordstrom and Anthropologie, but I think I'll never give up thrifting because not only are the prices good and the hunt exciting, the people I meet keep me humble. Case in point, my new friend -- as I was paying the cashier for my decorating piece-de-resistance -- offered this before she walked away.

"What is this? To wipe yer dirty boots on?"

I thought about telling her about the door I hung on the wall, but figured explaining grass as an indoor decorating accessory was enough for one day.


The Nester said...

you did great! i heart thrift stores too!

Sissy said...

You meet the nicest people when you're out and about...then again, maybe it's where you're shopping! I can't wait to come over and hide my Easter eggs in your new table decoration.

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