Thursday, May 8, 2008

Abundantly Beyond

photo: flying over Alaskan mountain range

We prepare to return.

Who, besides you God, could have imagined we would return.
You began this work long ago. Imperceptible to me at the time...probably because I didn't even really know you back then. Shocking to all who know me when your plan came to fruition. Did you title this tale between us something like Hyatt to Honey Bucket? Tales of a Reluctant Missionary? Valleys Before Mountains? Did the heavenlies laugh when you told them you were sending me to the Last a village without flush toilets? To a village without antique stores, Targets or Panera?

If I'm very quiet, I think I still hear chuckles.

Looking back, the first visible sign that you were up to something was a wedding gift from one of our groomsmen. Wait a minute! That gift was from you, wasn't it?! Almost 18 years ago, I looked at that Ansel Adams picture of a big mountain in Alaska and desperately wanted to exchange it for another silverware placesetting. In the years that have followed, that picture has been in more Goodwill piles than I can count. But always, at the last minute, it has been plucked out and returned to its dusty dwelling place in the basement. You must have laughed everytime I muttered to myself "why do I keep this thing?!"

Today that framed poster of Denali decorates our bedroom wall. Just as Alaska decorates the walls of my heart. Have I told you before how funny I think you are? And how much I love you?

I like the way you decorate, Lord...even if it takes me a while to appreciate it.

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Sissy said...

Amazing! I feel as though I glimpse a bit of God through your writing. Thank you.

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