Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Amazing Space"

repainted goose that weighs a ton ($10); new $119 lamp (scored for $11)

About 4 years ago, my dear friend Peigi and I began a little "business" called Amazing Space.

Untrained decorators that we are, we decided to formally help our friends (and their friends) with decorating.

(Which we had individually been doing when asked).

We did more laughing than anything, and our husbands rolled their eyes at our bookkeeping skills. [Our first job made us each $6 which didn't cover our celebration lunch.]

My mother-in-law thought our prices were way too cheap. I thought her prices would be a rip-off.

If a client couldn't afford a small accessory we suggested, my friend wanted to buy it for them.

We bought and returned so many accessories that I was sick of shopping. Gasp!

Our kids were picked up late from school more than once.

We risked life and limb in a snowstorm to do a decorating presentation at a women's retreat.

Our families wondered what happened to hot suppers.

And clean underwear.

And so we gave our little business to the Lord.


No more marketing materials. We would decorate if asked.

My phone rang last week..."sure, I'll stop by and help you..."

At a labor day party, she walked up..."could you stop over and help me with my family room?"

I'm staging our neighbor's house before it goes on the market.

Hmmmmm. It's not Amazing Space, just helping some friends.

Or is it? ... Hello, Peigi?


Mrs. C... said...

I NEED you to come to my house too! Your pictures inspire me. I think your hubby would really roll his eyes, if he knew of my scheme to get you to come and visit ;)

Jamie said...

Cathy, thanks for the gentle reminder--help others and love what you do. The business stuff will follow...Best wishes for all of your amazing endeavors!

patty said...

me, too, me too! i need help! first, i must purge!
i should have known from the beautiful photos of your home... good luck and continued successes in this endeavor... :)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

YOU can totally come over to my house for some help. I am decorating challenged.

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